A Family-Owned Cedar Mill in Liberty, Maine

White Cedar

Found in the Northeastern United States and Canada, this light, bright, natural wood is perfect for craft and construction.

Cedar Stock

We keep our warehouse stocked with cedar that’s perfect for paneling, siding & decking, plus a lot more.

Customer Projects

We’ll work with you to provide just what you need for your custom projects.

For over half a century, L.C. Andrew has been specializing in Maine Cedar Log Homes.

In 2013 the folks at Dewey’s purchased the equipment from L.C. Andrew to replicate the profile and at this time is the only supplier of this great Cedar product.

Please contact us if you need to purchase L.C. Andrew logs to repair your home or if you want to make an addition to an existing home.

We use only Northern white cedar, proven to be the warmest wood. You don’t usually need to treat or paint it because Northern white cedar is naturally insect and rot-resistant.

Dewey’s Lumber began as a solution to a problem – how do you find high quality lumber and great service? The answer is Dewey’s Lumber, which grew from a part-time hobby to a full-time passion back in 1994. A family-run Maine cedar sawmill in Liberty, Maine, Dewey’s Lumber continues to expand and provides rough sawn and finished planed Northern White Cedar down the East Coast. With 25 years of experience and an active network of Maine loggers that supply the wood, we are ready to meet all of your needs.We look forward to being your solution!

140 Kager Mountain Road
Liberty, ME 04949